Patrick Hughes Lilliput Collection ~ 2010 ~ 59cm x 35cm ~ Oil on panel

Richard Prince Photobooks ~ 2011 ~ 37cm x 40cm ~ Oil on Canvas

5 Studies (Artist Collectors)~ 2011~45cm x 32.5cm~Oil on Linen

Artist Collector paintings ~ A series of paintings concentrating on Artists Collectors.

5 Studies (Artist Collectors) Painted Whilst researching "Five Case Studies of Artists Who Collect" for my Critical Portfolio for BA (Hons) Degree in 2011. The books were arranged in Chelsea art library and reflect the content of the essay focussing on Sir Peter Blake, Mark Dion, Peter Fischli and David Weiss, Susan Hiller and Richard Prince.

Patrick Hughes Lilliput magazine Collection The small British magazine circa 1937-50's which opens up in every edition with a double page spread of juxtaposing photographs usually containing satiric content that were of interest to Patrick Hughes at the time I first met him in 2010. I now have these in my studio,

The photography books published by Richard Prince seen here in Chelsea art library often contain arrangements of his surroundings. Prince collects beat novels and has produced over 30 artist books.