~ A research visit to the Roald Dahl Museum gave me insight into his method of writing on yellow notepads with wide margins for notes and comments. His Manuscripts were made from tear-off sheets and kept in bundles. 

Throughout his life, Roald Dahl kept what he called his 'Ideas Books' - old school exercise books he used to write down any inspiration for a story that came to him. This is how The BFG began - as a note in one of Roald's books, scrawled in pencil, revisited years later and published when Roald was 66. The Ideas Books books are now stored in the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre archive.~

Roald Dahl Manuscripts  ~  2016 ~ 76.3cm x 66.1cm ~ Oil on Linen

Roald Dahl Idea Books ~  2017 ~ 40cm x 69 cm ~ Oil on Panel